Friday, December 9, 2011

First Snow

Last night was the first snow of the year.  It's late this year.  Although I'm not a huge fan of the cold, looking out and seeing the snow blowing under the streetlamps on Mozart is a magical feeling.  I really love it and it feels like things are really changing.

Tomorrow is already time again for the Milwaukee Zine Fest!
I love this zine fest because it marks the anniversary of Matt, Ramsey, Neil and I's decision to start Chicago Zine Fest.  It was 3 years ago now already!  Sadly, just Neil and I are left from the original crew but we'll be tabling with Zine Fest goods and our own zines tomorrow from 10-5 at the Falcon Bowl.

What new things will I have there?
Sadly, not much.  I finished my book Stella's Big Wish at long last
Here is the cover:
And a couple sample pages:
fstella_2text fstella_2


I printed two copies through lulu and was going to get more but was not entirely happy with the I don't have any copies for Milwaukee unfortunately.  I will figure it out soon and post more info when they're available!  Hopefully soon!

Here are a couple of little drawings I did for my friend Jamie's website (more about that in the future too!)
"party/happy/fun" pic:
"trading" pic:

And lastly, Chicago Zine Fest is in full swing.  Can't begin to say how excited I am about things going on this year.  Holiday fundraiser, with our NEW ARTWORK by the amazing Lilli CarrĂ©

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Free Fallin'

Listening to a lot of Tom Petty, getting a lot of work done.
It's been so gorgeous out and I've had a few unexpected days off from work, which is great for getting real work done.
My friend and former tourmate Jim Joyce is putting together a Halloween zine he asked me to be a part of.  These four pages were my contribution:
halloween pg1
halloween pg2
halloween pg3
halloween pg4

I'm excited to see it all together.  Also in the zine are Xavier Maldonado, Dave Roche, Vicky Lim and more!

I've been working non stop on a project I can't share..shhhhh it's a surprise for someone!  But I'm really excited, so just rest assured there's a lot of work going on.
photo proof:
hard at work

Fall means getting back in Zine Fest swing.  We're back on a weekly meeting schedule and hosting our first fundraiser Oct. 24th.  Here's the flyer I made for the reading:

zinefest reading

Speaking of zine fests, I'll be at the Madison Zine Fest Oct. 22nd--if you're in the area or looking for a day trip, come say hi!  I'm excited to go back to Madison.  It was really lovely this time of year last year.  

Saturday, September 24, 2011

End of Summer

It officially feels like the end of summer these past few days.  I saw a few trees starting to turn color this week.  I've been spending a lot of time holed up in my apartment with my roommate Sara Drake drawing, eating curry and watching Gossip Girl before she leaves to teach comics in Cambodia in mid-October.

Whenever it turns to fall I start missing Michigan.  Seeing the leaves change, going apple picking and drinking cider.  Hopefully I will make it back there soon and see my niece (who is already 10 months old!)  For now, here is a comic about how much I love my family (awwwww..)


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Read 'em and Weep

Tour was an amazing time. It's pretty incredible to put something together that depends so much on other people caring about what you do and just hope that they come through. It reminded me what I love about the DIY punk community and it felt really weird in a lot of ways to finally have something to share within that group. I don't usually do picture posts but tour deserves it.
We started our adventures in Grand Rapids, MI--my old town. Our friend Sara Baier set up the reading at a really nice art space. There was an awesome mix of old friends and people I didn't know who came out to the reading. Kate Mosher, my old roommate and dear friend, read for the first time and it was really outstanding.
We ate Brickroad Pizza (the best), went to the tire swing, visited Gerald Ford, walked the river and the skywalks then hung out with old friends at the Pyramid Scheme.
Next day we drove to Lakewood, OH. Stopping at Horrock's (my favorite grocery store) along the way for free coffee, melon and a quart of blueberries.
This is the crew: Dave Roche, Jim Joyce, Xavier Maldonado and me.
I don't have any pictures of our reading at the Soggy Dog house. We read at a show, in between bands, which actually worked out pretty well. Everyone who listened was really into it and it was fun being a part of a punk show. Our friend Bri Z was moving to Cleveland the next day so we decided to do a real late night drive to Pittsburgh instead of bugging her by staying at her place. Late night drive with Coast to Coast and cookies--good stuff.
We actually stayed in Braddock, PA where a bunch of kids are living now trying to form a community in a pretty run down industrial town. They cooked us an amazing brunch and we got to see the kids from the Ambulars who had played a show the night before.
Jen Twigg and Ramsey Beyer. We all organized Chicago Zine Fest together. Jen's been away most of the summer and Ramsey lives in Philadelphia now.
Ice cream at Oh Yeah.
The reading that night in Pittsburgh was at the Cyberpunk Apocolypse. Which is a really awesome collective space that houses Artnoose's letterpress studio and does writing residencies.
Pittsburgh -- Leslie
Artnoose reading:
It was a great reading and lots of nice people came out. We headed back to Braddock that night for rootbeer floats and hang outs. Then headed to Philly the next day
Tour scene
We went and got pizza at Blackbirds once in Philly and Ramsey and I snuck off to the Grindcore House (all vegan coffee shop!) before the reading.
The reading was at the Woodenshoe Bookstore. Which is an awesome radical space in Philly.
That night we hung out with Ramsey and watched the movie Twins
What we do is secret
We went to Satellite the next morning and then headed out to the Big Apple.
The reading was at Book Thug Nation, Aaron Cometbus' bookstore in Williamsburg. It was slightly intimidating to read in front of him, but it went so so well we all felt amazing afterwards. Reading with Cristy Road and Carrie Colpitts was pretty rad as well.
So of course we went and treated ourselves to ice cream at Lula's
And we got to hang out with J who just moved to Brooklyn from Chicago.
The next day we got breakfast at Breakfast all Day and then headed to DC.
Our DC show was very last minute. We had planned to go to Baltimore the whole time and it just kept falling through so I asked a zine friend Shira if she could set something up with about 3 days notice in DC. Amazingly, people came! I really couldn't believe it. We owe DC big time.
We hung out with Shira that night and watched a show called whisker wars with a guy who does professional beard competitions and was featured on the show a bit. Funny stuff.
Breakfast at Sticky Fingers with David and Shira, two of the best in DC
Then headed off for a long drive from DC to Columbus. Wasn't so bad and listened to some PG Wodehouse to pass the time (though no one seemed as into it as me)
We read at a house called the Iuka house who were all super sweet people and cooked us an amazing taco dinner!
Ryan J read with us, he also set up the reading for us. He's an awesome Columbus kid.
We went and hung out at the Tiger's Jaw show at the Monster House for awhile afterwards, it was so packed we couldn't even go into the basement to see them! We stayed with Ryan and ate some Pattycake cookies (best vegan bakery!) The next day met up with everyone for burritos before heading to Louisville.
Of all the readings Louisville was definitely the least attended. It was at a coffee shop called Quills that was super nice and the people who did come were very enthusiastic about our reading, which was nice.
Dave did decide to take his clothes off while reading though to spice up the night a bit.
Jake, who is awesome and set up the reading had to work, so we decided to go straight to Bloomington rather than stay in Louisville.
We stayed with Charlie who used to live in Chicago too until a month ago. Bloomington always feels good to visit, so many fun kids and such a relaxed town.
We went to a bbq, ate pesto pizza and then met up with Eric to do his youth radio show.
Our last reading was at Boxcar Books, a really awesome bookstore and zine shop.
The one and only Kari Jorgensen read with us--she's the best.
We went night swimming and then to a dance party after the reading.
The next day we went to the Owlery which is a restaurant my good friend Toby opened with his partner Ryan. It's pretty incredible that they did this. It's such a cute place and everyone who works there are friends.

And then we headed back to Chicago. Overall, I can't say enough about how amazing it is to have people support and acknowledge what you do. Having positive feed back night after night about what I've chosen to do with my life right now is pretty huge and feels so good. It inspires me to keep making things, thanks everyone!

(also a few of these pictures were stolen from Ramsey and Dave)