Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Keep Feeling

I've been using my tumblr a lot more for every day sketches and posts--so make sure and check that out.
I can't believe it's the summer.  I've done some big life changes in the last couple of months ending one my jobs and also stepping down as an organizer of the zine fest.  Here is a little comic I wrote about that:
This is all in an attempt to focus on my own work and really make a go of it as a writer (scaaaaary)!  Please get in touch if you're interested in any commissioned work as I have some time now to work on things like that (leslieperrine@gmail.com).

I recently went on a trip East to visit Andrew's parents for Mother's day.  It was great.  Here's a little drawing I did of how we spent our time in NYC
 I've been trying to settle into working at home and having time to work while Andrew is also starting work on his dissertation.  It's been a transition and I think I'm getting better at actually saying what I feel and what I need.  I heard a woman on NPR a few weeks ago talking about the idea of modern women thinking feelings and emotions are weaknesses.  I wrote a little comic thinking about how I've been feeling more lately (yes, I cried hearing the opening music to Orange is the New Black starting season 2..) but I don't think that's bad at all!

That's all for now.  Stay tough, keep feeling.  xo

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


It has been forever since I posted in here.  A lot has happened since June!  I moved into a great new apartment, organized the 5th annual Chicago Zine Fest  and been doing small projects here and there.  I am coming up on a huge work time for myself and hoping to get a lot done and keep posting results of things I'm doing.  I hope!
Here is a comic I drew for my friend Heather's comp zine called Always and Forever: A Zine About Friendship she made for Chicago Zine Fest.  It's totally awesome (because so many amazing people contributed!)  and you can order it here:
http://strangerdangerzines.com/catalog/a-c or here


Saturday, June 15, 2013

CAKE time!

Tomorrow I'll be tabling at C.A.K.E the Chicago Alternative Comic Expo, which I'm really excited about.  It will be my first time tabling at a comic expo and I get to share my table with the incredibly talented Jaclyn Miller!

Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE)
Saturday and Sunday, June 15 & 16, 2013
11 am – 6pm
Center on Halsted
3656 N Halsted
FREE and open to the public!
I'll be debuting TWO new books for CAKE.  The first is a fictional book I wrote for my nephew's first birthday called the Magic of Harrison.

And the second is a book of comics I just finished which features all my sea creature comics including two brand new comics and a bunch of sad sea creatures like this narwhal:
it is called Under the Sea.  
They should be up soon on my etsy if you can't make it to cake but if you can, make sure and stop by table #80 and say hi!  

Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Book Sneak Peek

I've been absolutely terrible at keeping up with blogging.  I didn't even mention the zine fest..guess I've just been overly busy.  I went directly to work after the zine fest on on a book that I just finished two days ago.  I am very excited about it but can't post too much until it's actually printed and given to my nephew for his first birthday present! shhhh
But here is just a little peek at what it looks like:

Can't wait to be able to share it with everyone!  More details to come.
In other news: please make it stop raining and snowing now that I'm prepared to leave my house again!

Thursday, January 31, 2013



Saturday, December 22, 2012

2013 Calendar

It's almost 2013 and you may be finding yourself in need of a calendar!  Well, luckily I made this one:

I created this calendar for the 2013 Quickest Flip Compilation Calendar.  Which is pairing a 12 song cd (a song and artist for every month) with a screen printed copy of the calendar I made.  You can check it out and order the limited edition print and cd here: http://www.quickestflip.com/calendar/

It's really crazy seeing something I made printed and not having done it myself!  It was a fun process and this is a picture of what the screen printed poster looks like along with a picture of the cd.  Very cool!

The Quickest Flip is a really awesome project geared towards inclusion in the arts.  Also, check out the Quickest Flip magazine, which I have a comic in issue #1!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sometimes the Sky Explodes

 My new book Sometimes the Sky Explodes: The Story of a Hamster Named Yams is now available at my Etsy store and very soon at Quimby's! Click here to pick up a copy through etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/116835568/sometimes-the-sky-explodes-the-story-of
It is a story of an overweight hamster named Yams who goes on an adventure when he gets free from his cage.
Here are a few peeks at what it looks like:

Also, I have gone down the rabbit hole of having a tumblr.  I will still make blog posts here but the Tumblr is more just for comics and drawings that I do to keep me on my toe and have things to put upt here.  Please follow me!  http://leslieperrine.tumblr.com/

For the December fundraiser for the Chicago Zine Fest we are having a donation campaign where you can get really awesome gifts for donating.  Jaclyn, Heather and I made this video for it which I am particularly fond of:

Please consider donating here: http://www.indiegogo.com/czfbff