Saturday, December 22, 2012

2013 Calendar

It's almost 2013 and you may be finding yourself in need of a calendar!  Well, luckily I made this one:

I created this calendar for the 2013 Quickest Flip Compilation Calendar.  Which is pairing a 12 song cd (a song and artist for every month) with a screen printed copy of the calendar I made.  You can check it out and order the limited edition print and cd here:

It's really crazy seeing something I made printed and not having done it myself!  It was a fun process and this is a picture of what the screen printed poster looks like along with a picture of the cd.  Very cool!

The Quickest Flip is a really awesome project geared towards inclusion in the arts.  Also, check out the Quickest Flip magazine, which I have a comic in issue #1!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sometimes the Sky Explodes

 My new book Sometimes the Sky Explodes: The Story of a Hamster Named Yams is now available at my Etsy store and very soon at Quimby's! Click here to pick up a copy through etsy:
It is a story of an overweight hamster named Yams who goes on an adventure when he gets free from his cage.
Here are a few peeks at what it looks like:

Also, I have gone down the rabbit hole of having a tumblr.  I will still make blog posts here but the Tumblr is more just for comics and drawings that I do to keep me on my toe and have things to put upt here.  Please follow me!

For the December fundraiser for the Chicago Zine Fest we are having a donation campaign where you can get really awesome gifts for donating.  Jaclyn, Heather and I made this video for it which I am particularly fond of:

Please consider donating here: