Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Heart Seed

I can't believe summer is almost over.  It feeds very weird and I am in total denial that winter is coming again.  I always feel very rooted in the seasons at the end of summer though and very grateful that I live somewhere that I get to experience all the changes of the seasons.

I finished a new comic!  I'm really excited to share it with everyone.  It's called Heart Seed.  It's about settling your roots in somewhere planting seeds from the past.

I've been thinking a lot lately about settling in and how comforting it is to build a future.  With so many good friends starting families and buying homes--I'm seeing how important it is to know what you want from your future.  I'm working hard to get there. <3 p="">

One step for me towards the future is seeing myself as an artist and not waiting for others to tell me I am.  So I took a big leap and bought a fancy printer to make archival prints with.  I did a few small prints for the Grand Rapids Zine Fest and this is how they turned out:

Both of these items are up for grabs at my etsy shop or just by talking to me.  OR also exciting news!  My good pal Neil has started an incredibly awesome comics distro and is selling some of my comics as well as tons of other super amazing artists.  Check out his Radiator Comics page and order some awesome stuff!