Thursday, April 8, 2010

making things happen

Tour with Paul is over. I was really surprised at what a warm response my readings got at our shows. Lots of people came up and said how nice it was to see someone reading at a show. This made me feel really great.
The biggest show we had was in Grand Rapids, our old stomping grounds, where over 100 people showed up to watch and I read into a microphone on a stage.
I am lucky enough to be friends with such talented people and to let them welcome me into their lives. Paul works really hard to have the kind of crowds he does at house shows so it was pretty incredible to get to read in front of such large groups.

In other news my friend James Payne asked me to do a drawing for an anthology the amazing Anne Elizabeth Moore was putting together for the Chicago Zine Fest.
It's a really neat zine about women's representation in the comic book world. I was honored to be asked to do it. Here's the beautiful cover by the ultra talented Sara Drake:

I was lucky enough to share the middle spread with Ramsey Beyer. Here is our page:

For now, I have to work on getting things together. I have several whale books to make from tour since I ran out and had to start a mailing list for them. I also want to start another large project now that my last book is done.
It's nice to have everything you feel you should be doing reaffirmed in just 12 days.

I started an etsy shop with all my goodies available there.

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