Friday, June 25, 2010


I just got back from a great trip to California, it was nice to see people I hadn't seen in a long time.
I visited Mills College while I was there to look into their creative writing and book arts degree. Unfortunately only one student is in the program and hasn't graduated yet! So they are still figuring a lot of things out. I'd like to find a bookmaking and creative writing program but maybe one that's a little more flushed out. I'm going to find out more about SAIC and their interdisciplinary program.
Tomorrow I will be tabling at this event:

which is sure to be really awesome, AND a lot of the tablers (including myself, Neil Brideau, Matt Whispers, Michelle Aiello and Busy Beaver Buttons!) will be donating a percentage of their proceeds to The Chicago Zine Fest!
And we are starting to talk about the 2011 Chicago Zine Fest already. Very exciting stuff.

Also, if some certain things work out and stars align I will be tabling at the Twin Cities Zine Fest on July 10th

And lastly, here's a comic I drew while I was in California...


Happy Summertime!

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  1. that comic is a lot like the most recent thing i typed up for my next zine. maybe it's that time of year.

    i'm looking into grad schools for creative writing in california, too! though i'm not really trying to do the bookmaking thing (it'd be cool to learn but i don't want it to be part of my major ha). i remember a few years back i checked out the price of san diego state university's grad program for out of state students and it was less than i was paying for my undergrad in state at kent!! like $3000 less. whaaat! but maybe that was just because it was a "state" school? :/