Friday, October 1, 2010

October! Aaaah!

This is possibly the busiest October OF MY LIFE. Which means a lot to talk about!
Tomorrow a whole slew of us Chicago kids are heading up to Madison to table for the Madison Zine Fest it should be a good time. If anyone knows any great Madison hotspots--let me know!

Then next weekend Ramsey and I head out to Philly for the Philly Zine Fest
I'm mostly just excited about being on the East Coast for a bit and meeting a bunch of zine kids I haven't met before.

In preparation for these two events I've been working on something totally new...a mini-comic! And it's not even just drawings of myself over and over! It's been fun to try to make a story move without a narrator. Seems totally backwards from being a writer. Here's a sample page:

The weekend after next I head to Michigan for my brother/sister-in-law's baby shower. I made the invitations for it:
Such a fun project to have. I forgot how much I love just doing the tedious work of the same thing over and over (I made 20 of them) when it's not the same two books I spend hours making over and over.

Then the weekend of the 23rd I will be doing a reading at The Moving Castle House. I will post a flier (when I make it).

And lastly, what should I be for Halloween?!

Here's another long lost summer comic about feeling out of touch with Chicago...

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