Friday, July 20, 2012

Bad Zine, Everyone's Fault

Tonight is the kick off reading for the zine reading tour I'm going on for the next 10 days.  The reading tonight is at Quimby's at 7pm.
Here's the poster I made for the tour:

Our schedule for tour looks like this:
7/20 - Chicago, IL @ Quimby's Bookstore--1854 W. North Ave (7pm)
7/21 - Grand Rapids -- MI 622 Benjamin (7pm)
7/22 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Cyberpunk Apocalypse - 1200 Boyle St
7/23 - Philadelphia, PA @ Wooden Shoe Books & Records -- 704 South St
7/24 - New York, NY @ Witch Beach --1414 Lincoln Place (6pm)
7/25 - Atlantic City, NJ
7/26 - Baltimore, MD@Red Clover Collective -- 603 E. 30th st.
7/27 - Washington, DC@The Dollhouse

I've been going crazy trying to finish my book/zine for tour..and I did just in time.  It's a short story about a fat hamster named yams and it's called Sometimes the Sky Explodes.  I actually wrote it a long long time ago when my friend Nina and I did a story/drawing swap and we both kind of failed on the other side of the swap so I decided to finish it up myself.  This is what it looks like:

It's my first time doing all watercolors for the images of a book and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  
As always, Bum was a big help preparing for tour.

I'm really excited to go out with Xavi again and this time adding in Jen and Heather.  Heather runs Stranger Danger Distro
Jen is putting a new zine out also that I designed the cover for!  It looks like this:

Tour ends with the DC Zine Fest which I can't wait to table at!! If you're on the East Coast--come say hi!


  1. leslie!! it looks so nice! its crazy to see how you envisioned the story vs. how i did! havee funn bebe girl! (ps this is nina..)

    1. neens--I meant to ask you way early back in starting to work on this if you ever made stuff for it before going ahead with it because...funny story I've been working on that polar bear story again! hahaha I hope you still have the originals because we're making a book whether you like it or not!
      looove you.