Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Keep Feeling

I've been using my tumblr a lot more for every day sketches and posts--so make sure and check that out.
I can't believe it's the summer.  I've done some big life changes in the last couple of months ending one my jobs and also stepping down as an organizer of the zine fest.  Here is a little comic I wrote about that:
This is all in an attempt to focus on my own work and really make a go of it as a writer (scaaaaary)!  Please get in touch if you're interested in any commissioned work as I have some time now to work on things like that (leslieperrine@gmail.com).

I recently went on a trip East to visit Andrew's parents for Mother's day.  It was great.  Here's a little drawing I did of how we spent our time in NYC
 I've been trying to settle into working at home and having time to work while Andrew is also starting work on his dissertation.  It's been a transition and I think I'm getting better at actually saying what I feel and what I need.  I heard a woman on NPR a few weeks ago talking about the idea of modern women thinking feelings and emotions are weaknesses.  I wrote a little comic thinking about how I've been feeling more lately (yes, I cried hearing the opening music to Orange is the New Black starting season 2..) but I don't think that's bad at all!

That's all for now.  Stay tough, keep feeling.  xo

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