Saturday, September 5, 2015

In West Philadelphia

I can't believe I haven't updated since November!  I've had some huge life changes including moving halfway across the country to Philadelphia.  Moving in support of a partner's career is always a hard move, especially as a woman I don't want to give up any of myself to be a supportive partner.  At the same time, I want to be with Andrew and I couldn't imagine being in Chicago without him.  So here I am.  A die hard Midwesterner on the East Coast.
I made a comic about moving and feeling weird:

We're actually doing pretty well though and settling in.  It helps to have friends here and be meeting new people. Everything is just so different, it's hard to wrap my brain around and also have time to process other big life things.
What else has happened in the past ten months?
I wrote a new comic!  It's a small accordion-style fold out comic about my family history.  It's called "Creatures of Love" after the Talking Heads song and is full of odd creatures all done in watercolor.

Which is available both on my etsy shop:
And at my amazing distributor Radiator Comics: 
 I am going to be posting things a lot more on the internet now that I'm not working full time. So hopefully I keep up with stuff here.
Love from the city of brotherly love.  

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