Thursday, October 8, 2009

graphic novel update

today, i finished the story for the graphic novel that ramsey and i are making.
i feel very good about it. i haven't finished writing a lengthy project in some time
it came out to be about 30 pages. it will be interesting to see how many pages
that translates to with drawing.
here's a little sample:

This was the kind of place they sent kids with serious problems. Mischa wasn’t one of these kids; she didn’t understand how things had gotten so serious so fast. In the brochure there were children all in white shirts and blue pants looking like zombies being taught how to be “proper people.” It made her sick. Around lunchtime Ryan walked by and slipped a note into her backpack. She opened it during Math. It read:

Go straight home, I’ll come over at 3:30, leave the back door open.

Get ready to lose at tetris.

ca caw

She smiled and immediately tore it up and threw it away. She knew that if she was to try to have secret meetings with her friends there could be no evidence of them having been there or her parents would somehow find out.

now you just have to sit and wait to see what happens. ooooh

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