Thursday, October 22, 2009

comic oct 21st

i have had a lot of guests and a lot of visits other places lately that have distracted me from doing things, but hopefully i am back on track.
i am trying to do the artists' way that paul introduced me to. it's writing three pages stream of conscious every morning when you wake up. it's kind of hard to do but it's supposed to free your mind up so you are ready to work on real stuff. we shall see.
here is a drawing:


  1. I really like your drawings.

    I like the part in this one about you saving the cat.

  2. leslie i love your drawings. they make me happy. i have a blog was for my "store" where i wanted to eventually sell cool stuff like handbound books + bookplates and calenders but its going nowhere fast. its now a whatever blog.............i love you

  3. Man I hated the Artists Way. At first I loved it, and I still love the thought of it. Then life happened, I started having lots to do and couldn't imagine coming up with enough time in the morning to do it, and I gave up.
    But, I told a friend about it during the summer and we both started writing every morning, and she's actually still doing it!
    Good luck with it! I hope it goes really well for you!