Monday, November 16, 2009

it's not funny

Well, as I've been saying, in preparation for the Milwaukee Zine Fest Matt, Ramsey and I compiled our comics together and made a zine with them all in it. I like the way it turned out a lot and we called it "it's not funny" since they're comics but aren't really comedic.
This is what is turned out like:
let me know if you would like one, we've been charging $4 for them. They are 40 pages long!

The zine fest was a lot of fun (although I was sick), and actually quite successful. We as a table sold a lot of zines. This was the first time I really tried to sell any of my things and people bought them which was very very exciting. We are trying to plan a zine fest for Chicago now, since for some reason one doesn't exist here.

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  1. i like that matt has boobs. did you guys do an exquiste corpse game?