Monday, November 2, 2009

comic oct. 30th

Exciting news is that Ramsey and I are getting close to having all the preliminary stuff done for the graphic novel and almost to the point that we can storyboard the whole story out.
We are also working on a comic zine with the things you have seen right here on this blog and at Ramsey's blog with her and Mathew's comics. We're getting this together for the Milwaukee zine fest which is next weekend, Nov. 14th. I'm very excited to table at a zine fest and see all the other people's zines. This and next week are going to be very busy with getting things made for it.
Here's a drawing (the third panel says "fully stocked kitchen" I first spelled it "fully stoked" which would be funny--but confusing. Hopefully I'll stumble across some white out soon to fix it.)

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