Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Zine Fest time!

Well, for about seven months straight I've devoted most of my "free time" to planning The Chicago Zine Fest, which takes place THIS FRIDAY and SATURDAY.
This year I'm a little less scared and just as excited about the weekend of festivities!
Check out this line up!

Then there is a super fun (in)Formal dance after party Saturday night in an outerspace theme.

These are the people I've been spending hours and hours with planning, fundraising, emailing, food making, errand running and just over all hanging out with
That's Ramsey, Jen, Me, Carrie and Johnny and NEIL is taking the picture--he's the one who gave us all kazoos.
They're all amazing and awesome.

This is the map I drew of Chicago for the program that will be at all the events Friday and Saturday:

For Zine Fest--Ramsey and myself are putting out a split comic with Liz Prince and Kettner. It's about OkCupid.
Here's a sneak peak of one of my comics:

So excited! Hope everyone gets here safe, thanks for all your support!

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