Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dig Deeper!

Chicago Zine Fest is over and the weekend was AMAZING. It was so fun and so successful it was definitely hard to process it all. THANK YOU to everyone who made it possible. The most rewarding part of the weekend was being around so many people who do the same thing as me. For me it helped validate what I'm doing by seeing so many other people who care about the same thing. It's inspired me to do a lot more work and focus on getting stuff done.

One week left of INSANITY workout. Here's some fun links to insanity punk websites:
Fun stuff.
Here's a comic about it:


  1. Would you recommend Insanity? Can you post before & afters??

  2. Yup, I would definitely recommend it as a way to jumpstart yourself into caring about fitness and taking care of yourself. You definitely need to be willing to fully commit to the schedule (6 days a week..) and push yourself to do it. The awesome thing is you see immediate results in how much you can handle and your ability to do the workouts.
    Both of the links I posted above have a lot of before and after pics. None are of me since I'm still apprehensive about putting pictures of body on the internet...check them out though!