Saturday, March 3, 2012

back from the dead!

Hey!  I've been in Chicago Zine Fest lock down mode--but I'm back!
Exciting stuff is happening.  Mostly that it's Chicago Zine Fest  week!!

Because things aren't crazy enough, I'm doing a reading tonight to benefit CZF which features many amazing zine readers and zinesters in bands playing.  So excited about it!!
Show starts at 6:30 tonight, 814 W 18th street, tell your friends!

CHICAGO ZINE FEST kicks off Friday at 1pm at the Conaway Center at Columbia College!
I've been working on this since August, so I'm pretty excited about it happening.

Check out the floor plans of Exhibitors online here
I will have some things set up at the organizers' table on the 8th floor table #45. 
This will be the first time EVER you will be able to buy my new book Stella's Big Wish
I'm really excited, I had them printed through Lulu in the end which is making them cost a bit more ($7) but I think they're worth it and really glad I have copies to sell now!

To finish out the weekend we're having a karaoke afterparty next Saturday night that should be a blast.
Here is the flyer I made for it:
CZF Afterparty Flyer

I can't wait for next weekend--I hope to see everyone there!!!!

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