Wednesday, April 4, 2012

better things

I'm finally back in the swing of making things!  There's always a good couple week decompression time after Chicago Zine Fest happens that I don't want to do ANYTHING..but I think that has luckily passed.  Zine Fest was amazing.  It's hard to imagine doing something of that magnitude again every year but every year I think "how could I not?!"

Recently my best friend since first grade Jamie Walsh, started a website called The Quickest Flip it's a really awesome curated space to sell art.  I have a page and so do a lot of other really talented people.  Jamie decided to make a publication by the same name with an open call to artists.  I just finished my submission for it which is a one page comic.  This is my first time doing a 3-panel style comic and coloring a comic so I'm pretty excited about it!
defense mechanisms

I also finished another comic that was supposed to be for a free comic book day comic my friend Neil Brideau was putting together, but due to personal stuff I missed the deadline.  Welp, here it is anyway:

I usually hate the spring.  When it was super warm out it was helping me forget that but alas, real spring seems to be creeping in.  It seems like the time when people leave and although it's the time of flowers blooming and trees budding it always seems the opposite in my life.  Ah Mr. Eliot you're so right "April is the cruelest month."
What can you do but paint pictures, make mix cds and snuggle with cats to feel better?

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  1. Aw, I just want to snuggle with your jellyfish! I don't even mind that he'll zap me.