Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pressing it all Out

I've been taking a letterpress class for the first time ever, which has been so exciting and great! I totally love it and love the process of placing each letter and space into place.
Our first assignment was to do some wood type and metal type on one page with a quote or definition. I did a Frank O'Hara quote from my favorite poem of his "Having a Coke with You."
We also did images by doing linocuts and then setting them up on the printing press as well. This was my favorite thing we did and mostly what I'm doing for my big final project. I did a linocut of a page from my new mini-comic bananaslug! I will have some of these for sale in Milwaukee next weekend. I did 3 separate runs in three different colors.

As mentioned, next weekend already is the Milwaukee Zine Fest! Which holds a sentimental place in my heart since, not only was it my first zine fest I tabled at, it was also when we got the idea to start working on Chicago Zine Fest. Crazy it was only a year ago!
So I will be busy all weekend getting stuff made and put together for that.

Also, bananaslug! is up on my etsy now.

And here's a little comic I've had for a bit..


  1. I love your entangled slugs! And that comic struck a chord with me for sure. Very nice :)

  2. thanks amber! email me your address and i'll send you a print!