Friday, November 12, 2010

Staying in on a Friday Night

Spending the night in, catching up on so many projects and things I've wanted to do all week is nice. Not having my computer all week due to it breaking (again!) means lots of stuff to get done on the internets. Also, a new episode of Glee to watch! This is what I did while I watched Glee:

I've been meaning to have a tabling tablecloth for a long time now, but am always so behind before shows that I don't get around to it.

Tomorrow is the Milwaukee Zine Fest!!!
Come, if you are in the area!
My friend Shannon asked me to be a part of a "punk house" zine she's putting out specifically for the Milwaukee Zine Fest.
Here's my comic contribution:
Excited to see it all together!


  1. aww your comic hurt my heart a little. yet still made me want that experience. do you know where one could get a copy of this zine?

  2. My friend Shannon is putting them out this is her email address: I'm sure you could email and ask for one--make sure you tell her you want one with my comic in because it got left out of some of them on accident--total bummer!